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By:  Kathleen Lau On: 26 Apr 2010 For: ComputerWorld Canada Creator

Flash can do things HTML cannot, said an Adobe exec. One Toronto Web designer expresses frustration over lack of Flash support in the iPhone and iPad

TORONTO–Despite persistent industry chatter about HTML5 eventually bringing on the demise of Adobe’s Flash, an executive with Adobe Systems Corp. said there exists no rivalry between the two standards.

It’s not an issue of one or the other winning the battle, said Tom Barclay, Adobe’s senior product marketing manager. “It’s never been like that. Flash has extended capabilities that HTML didn’t provide,” said Barclay to a group of developers, designers and media at the FITC digital media conference.

Just as developers use a combination of different technologies to create Web applications, they also use a “blend” of different standards like Flash, HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript and PHP, said Barclay.

Building Web apps for the mobile platform in particular is where developers combine different standards, said Barclay. “Unlike desktop applications, you just don’t pick one technology to build experiences. We see them as completely complimentary,” said Barclay. “They interact.”

While Adobe is “very, very excited” about HTML and has always supported it, Barclay did express concerns with the draft specification that’s set for a 2022 release. “The challenge for HTML5 is when can you actually use it and rely on it and have it really work,” said Barclay. (Much of the standard will be usable by 2012.)

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