Building a basic client websites, some Design tips from Adobe :

Mood: The comp is the client’s first impression of what the site really looks like. The comp should immediately convey an appropriate message, such as fun, serious, youthful, organised, trendy, or family-oriented.

• Colour: Colours should be well co-ordinated, fit the mood and tone of the site, and provide enough contrast for legibility. Discuss web-safe colours and decide whether it’s appropriate for students to design only with web-safe colours.

• Fonts: Use different fonts sparingly to be effective; consider how size and weight draw attention. Most sites are designed with one or two fonts, using size, colour, and boldface for further distinction. Ensure the contrast between the font and background colours is adequate to make the text legible. Discuss which fonts are common on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

• Images: Images reflect the content and mood of the site. Photographs should be the highest-quality images. Graphics should match the mood and tone of the site. Text used with an image should be close enough to be visually associated with the image. The logo of an organisation should be properly positioned, sized, and so on.

• Text: Web visitors are more likely to skim than to read carefully. The biggest challenge is to use only as much text as is necessary to convey key messages. Organise the text so visitors can scan it to find relevant information.

• Navigation elements: Buttons, menus, and navigation bars should all reflect the site mood and integrate effectively with site colours, fonts, and images.